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Starving Heart - Single 

Cassi's latest release (August 2022) - Starving Heart is written from the perspective of having to let go oflove because you know that person is not able to commit because they don't know how to let love into their heart.

Starving Heart - Written by Cassi Marie

Produced by Jason Millhouse @ Recordworks

Burn- Single 

Released in December 2021 - Burn is about bittersweet endings, and in life you have to go through a lot of the hard times, to get to the good moments, and how you have to experience pain to understand happiness.

Walls - Written by Cassi Marie

Produced by Jason Millhouse @ Recordworks

Walls - Single 

Walls is about finding that balance between listening to your heart and your head, while breaking down the barriers you put around you to protect yourself.

Walls - Written by Cassi Marie

Produced by Jason Millhouse @ Recordworks

Echoes of You - English Rain

In 2020, Cassi was honoured to be asked to sing a few tracks on the

new English Rain Album.  One of these tracks included a co-write with English Rain founder Steve Boom, titled 'Everywhere I go'

The album was released in August 2020, and Cassi is looking forward to working with the band on their next album!

Cassi also sang on the following tracks:

Melting In To you

Need Your Love Tonight

Here Comes The Sun

Baby Please

Matter of Time

Produced by Steve Boom, Neil Stewart &

Jason Millhouse @ Recordworks

Big Sky Girls

Cassi was fortunate to be one of 10 girls selected across Australia, to record a song as part of the Big Sky Girls 2020 Album.

Here is her song 'Keep Me Safe'

Keep Me Safe - Written by Cassi Marie

Produced by Jeff Lovejoy

Pieces of My Heart

Four heart felt songs written by Cassi Marie and released in 2019.

Scars On My Heart - Written by Cassi Marie

Cupid - Written by Cassi Marie

Trust - Written by Cassi Marie

Who I Am - Written by Cassi Marie & David Carter 

Produced by Bill Chambers

Pieces Of My Heart

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